Coming soon: Workshop on DIPLOMATIC SHORTCUTS during the One Design Week in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Final preparations for the intercultural trainings that we will host in our place in the next months.

Things to build: 10 benches, 20 stools, 10 tables

The kids we work with are definitly amazing! They are between 8 and 17 and work for two weeks to find out more about their roots, where they stand and how they want to live in society. Already on the first day we saw a story about a father stepping on a jellyfish in Istanbul and another one about a grandmother being tortured with gas by Pinochet in Chile. We heard a story about an exploding car on the way home to Germany on a highway in Syria and one about an apple tree that finally after a long time grows big red apples.

Final preparations for an autobiographical workshop with kids from Neukölln.

This publication showcases an easily overlooked byproduct of artistic production: the painter’s rag. In its hybrid role between object, image, tool and trash, the painter’s rag documents the painterly work process, and functions as the painting’s counterpart, freed from any intimation of deliberateness. With color reproductions of 39 vivid painters’ rags and essays by Sophie Jung, Hanne Lippard, Christian Struck, and Cecilia Valenti.

14.8 × 21 cm, 100 pages, digital printed, edition of 250.

Edited by Zoë Claire Miller, Berlin, 2015.


Last week Tolk presented some problems and other designs at the Stadtbad Wedding.

TOLK Willkommenskultur Bürgerstiftung Neukölln N+ Werkstatt
TOLK Willkommenskultur Bürgerstiftung Neukölln N+ Werkstatt

Last week we helped the Bürgerstiftung Neukölln to organize a conference on welcoming and acknowledging culture.
These big words are being used now in Germany to replace the failed word integration but no one knows yet what they could really stand for. Not to make it too abstract we invited the participants to the Cafe Sarray, a local turkish cafe with covered windows that the conference guest would most likely have never entered otherwise. After a lecture about meeting the other by the conflict mediator Doris Wietfeld we sent them on a field trip, in groups of two or three, to be guests in local boxing clubs, churches, mosques, psychiatric clinics, casinos, brothels and other places. In the following workshop they had time to discuss what and how they could take from these experiences into the communication culture in their own institutions.
We might continue this collaboration in the beginning of next year, so if you are interested in taking part in the next meeting let us know.

 Susanne Münzner is a szenographer and costum designer. For many years she has been the head of the department of scenography at Schauspiel Leipzig and now she works as a freelancer for theaters all around Europe. We helped her to bring her portfolio online by designing and coding her new website.

Have a look:

Tom Mrazauskas is a berlin based book designer from Lithuania.
We were happy to assist him to show his books online.
Our work included photography and the design and coding of his new website.

Here you can find it:

The Panic, Tolk, Bronkovitch.
Thank you all for the great day!

Tolk moderated the book launch of Ghost/Warrior by Joscha Steffens and Florian Arnold at Mzin Leipzig.

New logo for our copier, a big and complicated machine.

Finally the new website for Bitten Stetter is online!
Here you can find it:

Zum Geleit can be seen as part of the exhibition VOM PHOTO at Galeria Miasta Ogrodow Katowice.

10. October 2013 – 07. November 2013

Zum Geleit can be seen at the Museum for Contemporary Art Sofia as part of the exhibition VOM PHOTO.

10. January 2013 — 17. February 2013

A poster for a series of events about artist books at the Kunstverein Rosa Luxemburg Platz. For each event we designed a set of books that was added to the shelve. Inkjet on vinyl.

Not in person but in paper. Hands on Papers visit the New York Art Book Fair.

A few pictures that are part of the documentary we made about aids orphans in the Mbeya region in Tansania.

Trying to find the way in our house after an electricity blackout. We are in Rungwe in the Mbeja region in Tansania for a documentary project about HIV.

Our neighbors moved their electricity repair shop around the corner and needed a new name and identity.
We were happy to help.

Zum Geleit is on show as part of the exhibition
At the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki
As part of the Photobiennale Thessaloniki 2012
26.05.2012 – 08.07.2012

Today and tomorrow Hands on Papers will be represented at C/O Berlin Bookdays 2012 by Bruno Ceschel. Thank you Bruno!

This Wednesday: The official launch of BOOKS at ED. VARIE under the loving care and direction of Rebecca O’Keefe.
All the best!

21 March, 6–9pm

208 E 7th St
West Storefront
New York

Hands on Papers take part in the Feira de Arte Impressa Tijuana which is organized by Galerie Vermelho.

Self Publish, Be Happy will be having some of our titles at their stand during OffPrint Paris.

10-13 November 2011
Beaux-Arts de Paris,
14 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

Two of our publications are currently at dieschönestadt for the “I’ve Zine the Darkness” exhibition.

Am Steintor 19
06112 Halle an der Saale

Today we traveled to the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn together with Martin Borst to visit our publication Zum Geleit in an exhibition about new positions in contemporary photography called VOM PHOTO.

Today we present our project Mnogoobrazie at the Bulgarian Embassy Stockholm after a one and a half years period of trying to get hold of them.

There is a interview with Hands on Papers in the PIG Mag number 90. Have a look in case you speak italian.

HOP publications are from now on also available at:

5-3-8 Minami-Aoyama 201
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
TEL +81 (0)3.6427.4041

Hands on Papers are part of ZineView, a pop-up reading room in the Lon­don Col­lege of Com­mu­nic­a­tion organized by Teal Triggs.

For the lamp Super Light by the design duo Fehling & Peiz we created a set of ten rooms to show a variety of applications of the lamp. We used these for print materials and an online shop.

2010 in collaboration with Piero Glina.

Today we visited the bulgarian painter Plamen Kirilov in his studio in Stara Zagora.
Currently we are working with him on his new website.

40 x 60 cm, wood print on news paper.

18 x 18 cm Inkjet on paper.

Inkjet on target. Small caliber gunshot.

13 x 18 cm risograph print on recycling paper.

silk screen print on newspaper.