Together with Anna Niestroy we designed and coded the new website for the fashion designer Bitten Stetter.

Bitten Stetters website basicly offers two ways to approach her archive of action and production of the last 20 years.

The first is an intuitive connection between the projects. For each new project Bitten decides from a list of 30 terms which ones fit .

konstruiert ഝ improvisiert ᚏ laut  ⃝ leise  ் bluff ᔛ ironic ☰ monochrom ◎ colourful ◉ unique ⁕ serie ⁂ explore ᑁ transmit ᑀ fleeting ⁓ enduring ꟿ Monotonie ⁒ Vielfalt ⧫ dislclaim ▽ agree △ sad ⊖ happy ⊕ züchtig ⋯ manic ⋰ retrospective ❮ forward-looking ❯ edged ◖ diffuse ◗ conflicting ◙ teamworking ◘ distant-view ⿻ face-to-face ▣ multi-layering ░ simple-hearted ▂ by order of ྾ self-dependent ╱

Through that a sort of DNA is being created that looks like that:

The second way to explore the website is a straight forward alphabetic oder with a color highlight on related projects.

Bitten Stetter